I’d love to get to know a bit about you, but firstly thanks for wanting to know a little more about me!

I’m a passion-fuelled, high-achieving women’s health and children’s holistic Chiropractor, who believes every person has incredible inborn potential. I love working with families, and it’s my role to support you with holistic lifestyle education, individual empowerment, organic whole foods knowledge, personalised fitness and flexibility programs, low-tox lifestyle guidance, and through the natural methods of chiropractic! 

I’m a pre- and post-natal health professional, currently training to be a birth doula. I have specifically chosen post-graduate studies that align with my special interests for the care of women and newborns. I have an extensive list of my qualifications and ongoing studies below if you’re curious.

I’m a speaker who loves to address large groups seeking inspiration and guidance in the areas of women’s health, children’s health & wellbeing, pregnancy and birth, and creating healthier homes and families.


I’m a mama and nature-lover. My son Oliver is my “little Buddha”, teaching me new skills (especially patience!) and growing my awareness daily. As a family we place huge value on being outdoors in the fresh air and open natural spaces. The beach is our #1 place to be. 

I’m an ‘urban green queen’ always seeking ways to play my part in caring for our environment to support the health of our people and planet. Which basically means… I’m trying to find the greenest path possible in the city environment we’ve chosen to live! I am that “urban hippy” who writes to council to condemn their use of toxic glyphosate on our local parks and sports fields, I have my own little organic garden, we chose low-VOC options where possible for our home renovation, I kill weeds with vinegar, make my own home cleaning products, and my organic essential oil kit is massive!

My special interest is building strong and balanced families through the health and wellbeing of women. You will hear me talk a lot about endocrine disrupting chemicals (known as EDC's) and how they negatively impact our gut and hormonal health, especially in the preconceptive and pregnancy stages. Some of my biggest frustrations are seeing gorgeous kids fail to reach their potential, the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and preventable lifestyle diseases; women struggling with their fertility, the sky-high rates of mental health conditions, the excessive use of pharmacological drugs, and the rise in unnecessary birth interventions. These are just a few of the things that make me question the current direction in modern healthcare, and have guided me to the answers that natural and functional medicine teachings provide. What has been known as ‘alternative’ is rapidly becoming mainstream, and THAT is exciting! 

I am passionate about helping YOU create a lifestyle that cares for yourself and child, while also caring for Mother Nature. I love working specifically with women, infants, and children, and have a special interest in supporting the pregnancy journey through gentle chiropractic care and aligned methods such as Spinning Babies.

When you are connected to Innate, you are in tune with the infinite.

I want to see thousands of beautiful, empowered women reconnecting to their innate wisdom, becoming health-educated mavens, ditching the chemical nasties, balancing their mind and body, embracing their inner birthing goddess, and Living La Vida Low Tox! I do what I do because I believe in creating healthier women, healthier babies, a brighter future for all humankind, and ultimately a cleaner and safer future for Mother Earth. 

If this is what you are looking for, then I hope to meet you, guide you, share with you, and inspire you.

Holistic Women's health Chiropractor

Holistic Women's health Chiropractor


Media: Dr Ashleigh Bond

Holistic Women's Health Educator, Integrative Chiropractor, Co-Founder The Wellness Women, Co-Host Wellness Women Radio Podcast, Founder of Birth Balance

Dr Ashleigh graduated with a Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University in 2007 and has since extended her skills specifically in the area of women's health, pregnancy care, and children’s health. Her special interest is building strong and balanced families through the health and wellbeing of women.

As Co-Host of the iTunes 5-star awarding-winning women's health podcast Wellness Women Radio, she has had the opportunity to educate over 100,000 listeners through podcast downloads, and regularly hosts live events to help women overcome hormonal and gut challenges, create an optimal birthing experience, and engage in low-tox lifestyle choices for their families. As a keynote speaker, she shares her simple, powerful, and practical ideas at events for women, community groups, and colleagues in the Chiropractic profession.

Dr Ashleigh's energetic and thought-provoking presentations on women's & pregnancy health, challenge her audience to seek new truths. She empowers women to explore holistic options, and provides surprisingly simple and easy-to-implement lifestyle strategies to restore biochemical harmony and improve wellbeing. She has dived into pregnancy-specific and paediatric care since the empowering home birth of her son. Through her educational events, she has inspired thousands of women to make long lasting changes.

Dr Ashleigh is passionate about improving the world we live in and believes in empowering each individual. She brings a wealth of knowledge from her clinical practice, many unique personal learning experiences, the successful choices that helped her overcome PCOS and hormone imbalance, her natural homebirth journey, and her extensive travels to far-flung places exploring developing cultures. She has a genuine desire for discovering and sharing the simplicities that make women truly, deeply, and exceptionally happy & healthy.



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