Could babies and children benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Intrauterine constraint, exposure to toxins, and even labour itself can be incredibly stressful on a newborn’s body and nervous system. As they get older, injuries, falls and bumps, retained primitive reflexes, and other physical, chemical and emotional stress factors can alter the balance of the nervous system and spine. The only way to know how well a child is developing, or identify any problems early, is to be checked by a trained professional.

Some clues to look for:

The way they move

Scull shape


Latch quality



Digestive health

Immune system

Skin health

Balance and motor co-ordination

Reading and writing skills

Attention and concentration

Posture and body alignment

… and more

Often, problems don’t appear until years down the track but to a trained physician there are ways to assess challenges a newborn or child may be experiencing. Receiving professional advice on how to maximise each stage of development can be extremely helpful for parents.

I believe our health, and that of our children, is the foundation for a happy life. I educate my clients that being proactive with their health choices is preferable to being reactive to health problems. So if you’ve just welcomed your baby into the world, or are curious about your childs’ development and progress…

now is the perfect time for you both to get checked!