We love attending(...) classes and workshops.

Health and wellbeing is so important to me and my family, and we love attending Dr. Ashleigh’s classes and workshops. We have been clients of hers for over 2 years and are always surprised by the new things we learn from her. She has totally changed the way I look at food, movement, and my lifestyle. I’m so glad we found her!

— Angela, Mother of 3

Health made simple.

Thanks again for taking the time to come and talk to all the Midwives on the Labour and Births Suite.
There were lots of positive comments about your presentation over the following days
- when can you come back and teach us more?

— Andrea, KEMH Midwife

Chiropractic is so much more than back pain.

I enjoyed this inservice. I was imagining it would be about improving posture, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a well-structured, interesting, and motivating talk!
Thank you!

— Dianne, KEMH midwife