Your actions today, matter tomorrow. 

It's easy to be swept up in the hustle of urban life, running from A to B, working long hours each day, trying to find time to catch up with friends, wishing you had more time to hang out with loved ones, rushing to the supermarket for last minute dinner supplies on your way home. Sound familiar? It's the way the majority of people in Western societies are living today. So is it really a surprise to discover our life-balancing hormones and microbiome are so messed up?! Is it really any wonder why we are experiencing so many health concerns?

The challenge we have is to find the balance between our fast-paced, high-tech modern needs, and those of our baseline biology. Living Low Tox is about increasing our awareness of our body, our environment, and the daily interactions we have - becoming conscious of daily habits, what we consume & use, how and where our food is grown, our lifestyle choices... and how these directly impact our cellular health & hormone chemistry.

I believe we don't own any of this - we are borrowers, that will pass this world on to the next generation, and all the ones to come after that. There is an essential and urgent responsibility to reduce our waste, consume less fossil fuels and non-renewal resources, and tread lightly on the beautiful planet we call our home. We need to stop polluting our bodies, our minds, our water, our air, and our soil. There's no better time to start than today, with the choices you make today.

My mantra is pretty simple...

One body, one life, one Earth.

Treat everyone (including yourself!) and everything with LOVE. With this in mind, I truly hope the free stream of articles, podcasts, blog posts, and resources on this site will stir your inner desire to step up and take positive actions that will help yourself, your family, and the planet. I look forward to hearing your tales, triumphs, challenges, and innovations, on your journey of Living Low Tox. 

Dr. Ashleigh x