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What can you expect?

By women, for women. Dive head first into the popular, the trending, the misunderstood, and the taboo women’s health and wellbeing topics that shape the lives of modern women. As integrative health practitioners, deep in the trenches of successful practices, we share the best guidance from Eastern and Western Medicine to help you create the health transformation you are seeking. Our goal is to equip you with balanced information, and empower you to make the very best health and lifestyle choices for yourself and your family.

We interview thought leaders and health experts from around the globe to bring you bucket loads of enlightening and inspiring content!

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Where did it all begin?

A few years ago we were sitting around a cafe table in Cottesloe musing about our mutual frustration that there is so much health and wellness MIS-information drifting around the web! We found ourselves going through the Google top hits of all the well-meaning blogger opinions often presented as “fact”…and realised if we were having trouble sorting fact from fiction as qualified health professionals, how on earth could anyone else stand a chance of finding real, factual, evidence-based, research-supported health information?! So we decided to start a podcast… hello, Wellness Women Radio.

If you want actionable information that’s not all woo-woo, fun conversations that we like to call “edu-taining!”, and you want to feel more aware of your options and in control of your health choices then this podcast is for YOU! Or if you simply want to learn cool stuff about women’s health and wellness, then go and download whichever episodes tickle your fancy! It’s our great pleasure to join you on your journey. The women’s health revolution is happening, it’s time for you to jump on board!


What they’re saying…

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“The beautiful ladies know their stuff and are incredible interesting. Heaps of useful, helpful information. Thank you for sharing x”

“I only just discovered this podcast, and I’m so so glad I did! I’ve always been aware of holistic health practises, but never really engaged with them - until now. These ladies have made wellness and mindfulness part of my everyday life, and I’m so thankful for that. Super easy to listen to as well, thanks to the shorter format than most other podcasts! Love love love it!”

These ladies have literally changed my life. Have made some major positive changes since listening to their show. All women (and all doctors) should be listening to this.